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The Little Donegal Project

The Little Donegal Project documents the stories of the Irish diaspora in book and archive.


Irish people have been part of the history of Scotland since the Dál Riada tribe (the original ‘Scoti’) settled the West coast from 400AD onwards. They were there as places like Glasgow began to grow in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Irish people were a part of all the stages of development of Glasgow and the towns and villages surrounding it, including Govanhill and the Gorbals.  Rather than a definitive history, the aim is to stimulate others to do the same with their own family histories and capture some of the richness of Irish life in the southside of Glasgow.

At the Little Donegal Book and Archive Launch in Derry


My Role

I participated in the role as storyteller, sowing seeds of the Irish tradition of memory keeping in story.   The Bridge of Tears is one of my self- penned stories.   I use an infusion of  individuals  to create one stock character to tell the story of a real event. 

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