About Rae

Once, I enjoyed spinning oral tales.  However, Covid19 came upon us,  it caused disruption and my world became silent.  Other than Zoom there were no opportunities to tell stories.  I live in a rural community and I found myself alone.  It was at this time I found another outlet - comics.  I always liked comics but life had got in the way.  When I was a child comics were not considered an appropriate career especially for a girl.  


Anyway, when the curtain drew back and we could resume life I became sick, Moreover, the days lay long and endless and work was very scarce. 

The moment of stepping onto a new pathway came when I decided to break the aloneness and monotony by joining a weekend comic retreat.  In a space of a breath on the Saturday morning I was hooked.  Now I was going to create my first comic.  

It has to be said that although I fully stepped onto the comic path during Covid19, it was not my first venture into comics.   Several years earlier when I was at NUI Maynooth studying Digital Arts in the Humanities, my digital artefact was a comic.   My thesis explored storytelling - digital and Celtic oral storytelling.    

It was during Covid19 that all the strands came together.  My Celtic DNA and heritage has always cherished our stories.   I am interested in what the wisdoms of yesteryear have to offer us in today’s world. 

 Don't ask whether a story is true but what wisdom can be discovered within.

Stories breathe life into our soul.  Storytelling is so ancient and we as humankind are wired for stories.  I began to see the power in a story to transform and rebuild lives.  That was the moment I decided that I wanted to share my wisdom and pass it on. I  believe deeply in the power of stories to empower, build communities and create hope.   Comics are basically fun. 

Post Graduate in Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Skills.
Masters in Digital Arts in the Humanities.
Masters in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism. 
Hons Degree in Youth & Community Work. 

Credited Teacher and Artist in Primary Schools.


Articles published in Ireland's Own, The Big Issue, Vox and The Monster We Forgot Anthology.   Stories broadcast on radio.