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Rae McKinlay lives in West Cork, Ireland.   She is a Visual Storyteller and Educator.

Rae is passionate about sowing the seeds of comic and story magic to all interested parties. 

She is influenced by the landscape which is always in conversation with the sky. She also is very interested in the concept of identity and belonging.  

As an Educator Rae uses the medium of comics and walks with students through their journey to create their own comic and explore the rudiments of storytelling. 


  •  Storytelling techniques -  Narrative Arc, Pixar's Story Arc and  Joseph Campbell's Heroes Journey.

  •  Head and Body Proportions.

  • Colour Theory.

  • Character Profiles 

  • History and Styles of Comics.

Folklore, History, Fantasy, Community Stories and Social Issues can all be explored through the medium of comics.          Comics are a fun way to learn.

Workshops created around your requirements

Take a small trip through a sample of my projects.

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