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Hello  I am Rae.  I am blessed I live in a place where the sky is always in conversation with the landscape.   A place where every hill, river and stone has its own  story. 

The legend of the leprechaun is so much a part of Irish folklore. Legends are formed by the telling of the story until the tale becomes rooted in time and this is true of the leprechaun.  Leprechauns can be traced back to eighth-century tales of water spirits called "luchorpán,"  meaning small body.

Oh by the way, leprechauns don't like to be mentioned before evening creeps in so if you want to listen to the tale of McGonigle during daytime just visualise that  it is evening and you are sitting in a storytelling circle.  Best not get on the wrong side of them.   I always start this story with 'Tonight'.


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Find Me

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 I am a storyteller and comic artist.    I am passionate about stories.  I have travelled the Celtic landscape in my quest waiting for a story to breath on me. .   Stories are like treasure and if one probes a story - wisdom can be discovered.   

A story is a gift - not a performance to be judged but a treasure to be passed on.
                                                                 Joel ben Izzy.

The Tale of Fox Woman

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The Tale of McGonigle

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Fox Woman C.jpg

Fox Woman is an old ancient tale.    It is credited as a Native American tale and also a Japanese story. 

Coming soon - She Who Spins Stories CD.

I am the voice of your history

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Delighted to be included in this Earth Up performance this April 2022.

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